Inspiring Business Confidence through a gamut of Cyber Security Solutions


The cyber world is changing faster than the security and this leaves us vulnerable to cybercrimes. Enterprises of the future need to adopt a comprehensive cyber security strategy to safeguard against risks and threats. They need to implement and test controls, regular maintenance, and monitoring of their security management programs through reliable technical support programs.

Security Driven Networking


Secure SD-WAN


Multi-Factor Authentication

Switching & Wireless

Analytics, Reporting & Response

Central Management

Dynamic Cloud Security

Virtualized NGFW

Cloud Workload Protection

Cloud Security

Data Center Firewall

Application Delivery

Fabric Connectors

Web Application Security

Secure Email Gateway

Cloud Access Security

AI-Driven Security Operations



Threat Response




End Point Visibility & Compliance


Zero Trust Network Access

Network Access control

Identity & Access Management

Fabric Agent

Our Solutions Portfolio

Network Security

End Point Security

Application Security

Web Security

Messaging Security

Identity & Access Management

IoT/OT Security

Security & Vulnerability Management

Governance Risk & Compliance

Strategy, Architecture & Consulting Services

Assessment Services

Architecture Services

Compliance & Risk Assessment services

Business Impact Analysis

Project / Program Management

With an ever-evolving threat landscape it becomes a necessity to assess the current state and define an adaptive & evolving cybersecurity posture for your organization. We bring in-depth knowledge of vertical specific requirements, new threat vectors, regulatory landscape and resiliency needs to help define the right cybersecurity posture which is at the foundation of OUR’s Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework.

Managed Services

Security Incident and Response Management

Emergency Threat Response

Managed Endpoint Security

Managed Identity & Access Management

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Assurance Services

BCP/DR Management

Application Security Services

User Behavior Analytics

Managed Detection & Response

Security Incident and Response Management

Our Managed Services provide the capability to monitor, identify, investigate, respond, report, evaluate and recommend helping maintain an ever-responsive cybersecurity ecosystem of your organization. The managed services also complete the ‘Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework’ by ensuring that the posture is constantly monitored and reviewed for a 360-degree protection, around the clock and across the globe.


  • Optimize controls related to people, processes, and technology.
  • Improve governance of the security management program.
  • Reduce the TCO of the risk and security program.
  • Optimize the risk posture, security, and compliance program.
  • Strengthen security processes with continual risk identification/mitigation.
  • Increase profitability with early risk mitigation.
  • Reduce legal risks arising from fraud or cyber security incidents.

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